From individual products to complete end-to-end system solutions

Rohde & Schwarz provides customers a breadth and depth of system expertise accumulated over a period of several decades. The levels of service we offer encompass everything from the overall responsibility for the implementation of turnkey projects to system integration services and the supply of high-quality products.

Voice communications systems


Rohde & Schwarz enables customers to create virtual control centers using the R&S®VCS-4G. The VoIP-based system meets the EUROCAE ED-137 B standard and provides full redundancy.


Radio communications

Our software defined radios represent a technological benchmark for ATC. the latest contribution: an innovative software solution to detect simultaneous transmissions.


Network and cybersecurity

Modern IP technology is also finding its way into the field of ATC. Even IP based communications need to be protected against attacks from outside and inside, especially in security critical environments.


Test and measurement

Civil aviation and military operations depend on accurate distance, location and direction measuring systems for public safety and Military mission success. Any failure may place lives at immediate risk.


Increasing aviation safety

Rohde & Schwarz ATC direction finding systems can operate in combination with terminal area radars and en route radars or as standalone systems. They provide controllers with additional information that helps them to assign aircraft faster and more reliably.


Interference hunting

Rohde & Schwarz markets numerous devices and systems for monitoring radio traffic and identifying and locating interference sources.


Our portfolio

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