Remote control and monitoring system

Remote control and management system for ATCR&S®RCMS II is a software solution for monitoring the complete communications chain from the controller working position to the radio and for remote control of Rohde & Schwarz radios.

R&S®RCMS II enables operators of air traffic control (ATC) systems and air defense (AD) systems to monitor Rohde & Schwarz radios, R&S®VCS-4G devices and other SNMP-capable components from one or more locations. Remote control of Rohde & Schwarz radios is also supported. This allows a cost-effective quick response to error conditions and provides the ability to set operational parameters for various ATC/AD scenarios.

The R&S®RCMS II software can easily be configured for customer-specific ATC/AD systems. By using off-the-shelf computer hardware and existing network infrastructure, the required capital expenditures and operational costs can be kept to a minimum. With R&S®RCMS II, it is quick and easy to integrate completely new sites or add to-bemonitored devices to expand an existing site.