Secure networks for air traffic control

cybersecurity_1200x627The world speaks IP. Cloud, big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) are the much-debated key technologies ultimately based on IP technology that are constantly capturing ever expanding areas of application in both the private and public sectors. IP-based technology is even gaining ground in critical infrastructures like energy supply (smart grid/smart meter). There is a convergence of previously physically-separated control networks with classic, public IT infrastructure.

Modern IP technology is also finding its way into the field of ATC. High-performance backbone networks and classic protocols such as Internet telephony (VoIP) enable efficient and secure air traffic control – and beyond existing geographical and technical boundaries.

This development, however, also brings with it new dangers from cyberattacks and malware in the networks. A strict, physical separation of ATC communications networks and the public network infrastructure offers a high level of security, but this is very difficult and cost-intensive to implement over large distances. In addition, this means you also have separate cables running through public property that can be easily tapped and manipulated using simple technical means.

Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity offers cutting-edge IT security solutions that fully meet these challenges. High-security encryption technology protects the data transmission in networks against undesired recording, manipulation and sabotage. Powerful, next-generation firewalls protect IT networks not only reactively against viruses and malware, but also proactively against complex attacks that use unknown vulnerabilities (zero day exploits). Using a whitelist approach, only the desired data traffic is allowed; all data not permitted in the set of rules are filtered and blocked. At the same time, the continuously operating application validation system also checks the contents of protocols and applications, efficiently preventing concealed attacks even in approved protocols.

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