Terrestrial air navigation test and measurement

terrestrial-air-navigation-test-systemCivil aviation and military operations depend on accurate distance, location and direction measuring systems for public safety and military mission success. Any failure may place lives at immediate risk. Terrestrial air navigation and ATC radar systems require unique test and measurement capabilities. Rohde & Schwarz provides test solutions to cover every need from design, development and production to operational maintenance.

Suitable solutions

Terrestrial navigation systems are subject to regular inspection and maintenance in the field. For these measurements, Rohde & Schwarz offers complete laboratory quality measurement solutions in portable, lightweight, weather-protected, battery-powered form factors.

Key facts

  • Ground and flight inspection of terrestrial navigation signals with lightweight instruments that offer a high degree of accuracy and fast measurement speeds

  • Easy-to-use handheld cable and antenna analysis for setup and maintenance of antenna sites

  • Spectrum and signal analysis in development, production and maintenance

  • Power measurement using standalone sensors that can be operated with a laptop and  require only simple test setups yet deliver highly accurate measurement results

  • Signal generation and simulation for accurate and repeatable test signals needed for receiver test and calibration

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